Kick Up Yer' Heels and Throw Back a Few.

Dance til' the cows come home with live late night DJs, battle wits with old timers during Iowa State Fair Trivia Challenges, and pig out during our Stuff Your Face eatin' contests. (And that's just the start)

Entertainment Schedule

  • 06/25 - 9:15 pm

  • 06/25 - 9:15 pm

  • 06/25 - 9:15 pm

  • 06/25 - 9:15 pm

  • 06/25 - 9:15 pm

Loosen up that buckle.

Taste the never-before-seen sweet treats and homemade dishes everyone is talking about this year. (Yep, even that uncle who hates everything.)

Iowa State Fair

August 8-18, 2024



JR’s SouthPork Ranch is open regular fair hours. Don’t make your stomach wait. 7am-12am, August 8-18, 2024

We’re looking for a few reliable Ranch Hands.

SouthPork Ranch Hands are the friendliest folks this side of the Mississippi. (And they make good money, too.) Do you have what it takes to join our classy—and sassy—crew during the Iowa State Fair? (We betcha’ do.)

We're Hiring!

  • Barenders
  • Bar Backs
  • Dish
  • Prep
  • Food Runners